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Using lineheight with menus

cssglobe January 29, 2008 comments (19)

using line-height with menus
Line-height is a property can help us solve menu problems really elegantly. While often we have to battle with paddings, box model, cross browser compliance, using line-height in combination with some other properties can reduce the need for additional markup and additional css definitions.

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Style Your Image Links

cssglobe January 23, 2008 comments (52)

style image links
Mouse over behaviors have a certain significance when we’re talking about usability. Letting users know that particular section of our website is meant to be clicked on is best achieved through mouse over effect. Those “clickable” sections certainly include content images. But what can you do with image mouseovers? Add a different border? This script will certainly help you to do a bit more than that…

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Css Text Gradient

cssglobe January 17, 2008 comments (33)

Css Globe is happy to present a simple trick that helps you improve your site’s appearance. With this trick you can use cool gradients on system fonts. It’s a cross browser, pure css solution.

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How to use headings in HTML

cssglobe January 13, 2008 comments (24)

Many of web standards rookies feel that passing validation is good enough to call their work web standards compliant. Those who are more involved in web standards know that there’s more than that. Use of headings is a good example. While validator will not show any warnings or errors for headings, you can’t say that your page is valid if your heading structure fails.

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Style Your Websites Search Field with JSCSS

cssglobe January 7, 2008 comments (59)

Continuing to provide unobtrusive solutions, CSSG is happy to present SearchField. It serves as a way to style your search field and add behavior without any additional JavaScript or modifications in your markup. It features plug & play onfocus and onblur behaviors and auto suggestion like you’ve never seen before 🙂

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New Year brings new things

cssglobe January 1, 2008 comments (9)

Let me send out best wishes to all for you and your families in the following year! No matter how good or bad past year was for you, I hope following 12 months will bring you more success and happiness in business and personal life.

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Introducing Tablecloth

cssglobe October 8, 2007 comments (101)

Tablecloth is lightweight, easy to use, unobtrusive way to add style and behavior to your html table elements. By simply adding 2 lines of code to your html page you will have styled and active tables that your visitors will love 🙂

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cssglobe September 16, 2007 comments (17)

This css trick is as simple as it gets, but it represents an elegant way to handle floated content next to the title.

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List Expander

cssglobe September 12, 2007 comments (51)

Following my latest article I decided to take some of the visitor’s comments in consideration and improve the script. It also has a new name: List Expander.

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Sitemap Styler Style your Sitemaps with CSS and Javascript

cssglobe September 3, 2007 comments (62)

I believe that it isn’t necessary to point out the benefits of having a sitemap somewhere on your site. Apart from making sure that all of your pages are linked and indexed, you are providing an overview of your site’s structure. But, what happens if you have huge sitemap and you don’t want to overload your page yet still keep things accessible and “indexable”? Maybe CSSG Sitemap Styler could help.

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