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7 Ways to Get Involved in the Design Community

cssglobe February 29, 2008 comments (12)

Web designers have an incredible opportunity to participate in an active community of designers and to learn from others at the same time. There are countless resources online for designers, and the community around these sites is very strong.

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Soft Edge Technique Soft Edges and Opacity Gradients for Images

cssglobe February 27, 2008 comments (12)

With this article CSSG continues to provide image manipulation techniques. The trick I am about to demonstrate creates soft edge for content images using lightweight and unobtrusive JavaScript and CSS interventions. With it you can create “cloudy” soft edges or one-side opacity gradients without any image editing software.

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Custom Double Solid Borders for Images

cssglobe February 21, 2008 comments (20)

double border for images
In this brief tutorial I will show you how to create custom solid double borders for images. No additional markup.

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Fighting Form Spam With Css

cssglobe February 18, 2008 comments (39)

Fighting form spam is something almost every website owner has to face. If you allow comments on your site you will most likely be a subject of form spam attacks.

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Create Resizing Thumbnails Using Overflow Property

cssglobe February 14, 2008 comments (83)

imageThis tutorial is aimed at controlling the size of the thumbnails appearing on your page. Sometimes we don’t have enough space to spare to fit in large thumbnails and yet we would like to avoid small and barely recognizable images. Using this trick we limit the default dimensions of the thumb, and show it in full size when user mouse-overs it.

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Pure Css Icon Sketcher

cssglobe February 11, 2008 comments (16)

Here’s an useless trick but I thought it’d be interesting to share. I am sure that you have seen online icon drawing applications. Looking at one of those recently I had an idea of how to draw old school pixelated shapes using only css. So I am presenting what might be a world’s first pure css drawer 🙂

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What would you rather do design or code

cssglobe February 8, 2008 comments (37)

design vs code
What would you say if someone asks you to choose between design and coding? Which do you prefer?

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Open External Links in New Window Automatically

cssglobe February 7, 2008 comments (45)


What I have here is a JavaScript experiment that might be useful.
As we already know, target attribute for anchor tags in strict doctypes is not included.
But we also know that sometimes we want to open a page in another window.
If we’re talking about all external pages I might
have a solution that you can easily apply even to your old sites.

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Pure Css Data Chart

cssglobe February 2, 2008 comments (28)

Data visualization is mostly achieved with flash applications or with help of some programming languages. Are those solutions the only way to present, let’s say simple data chart? How about giving it a try with nothing but good ol’ css?

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Css Globe RSS Feeds

cssglobe February 1, 2008 comments (8)

feed icon
During the existence of CSSG I have received some criticism about not providing full content and direct links on RSS feeds. That situation is improved by introducing 3 various feeds for readers to choose from.

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