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4 Uber Cool Css Techniques For Links

cssglobe April 24, 2008 comments (78)

I thought of writing a series of tutorials for various link techniques. When I start writing I realized that they are pretty simple (yet effective 🙂 ) and it might be better to have them summarized. Here are 4 various techniques. Each of these techniques is pure css, no ugly hacks, no JavaScript.

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CSS dos and donts Part 1 CSS Selecting

cssglobe April 10, 2008 comments (18)

Css Globe is starting a series of lightweight articles named “CSS do’s and don’ts”. This series is aimed at pointing out some of the bad habits when it comes to css and web standards in general. We’ll try to provide answers to some of the most common css questions.
First in a series is an article about CSS selecting.

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Easy Scroll Accessible Content Scroller

cssglobe April 3, 2008 comments (87)

It has been a while since I presented some unobtrusive (and hopefully useful) JavaScript function so it’s time to present something new. Here’s Easy Scroll v1.0, an accessible, unobtrusive content scroller.

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Pure CSS Animated Progress Bar

cssglobe March 27, 2008 comments (55)

We bring you a simple demonstration of how you can create animated progress bar using pure css.

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5 Most Common Web Standards Misconceptions

cssglobe March 22, 2008 comments (21)

When starting to get interested in web standards, you hear a lot of buzzwords, a lot of theories about what web standards are… Here are some of the most common misconceptions.

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11 Accessibility Tips

cssglobe March 19, 2008 comments (36)

When developing a site we all sometimes overlook simple methods that we can use to make our site more accessible. Here’s a list of tips that should really be used by all of us, myself included.

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3 Simple Steps in Coding a Rounded Corners Layout

cssglobe March 14, 2008 comments (45)

What we should aim in coding is simplicity and try to avoid any unnecessary markup. Various rounded corners techniques often include several additional elements that are purely presentational.
When talking about fixed width, rounded corners layout, there’s no need for complications. 🙂

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8 Premium One Line Css Tips

cssglobe March 10, 2008 comments (96)

The best solutions are often the simplest. Here’s a list of 8 tips that contain only one css property.

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Fast Faster

cssglobe March 7, 2008 comments (14)

Speed equals distance over time, getting from point A to point B in a certain time. The shorter the time, the faster you are. In our business it means how many working hours do you need to finish a certain project. Since we all calculate our pricing on the time spent per project, how fast you do your work is of a great significance.

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Creating and Styling Resizable Buttons

cssglobe March 4, 2008 comments (35)

When structuring your markup there are many paths you can choose to reach the same goal. Most of the times it’s a matter of preferences which element you wish to apply on a specific spot. I have my own personal preferences. One of them is preferring BUTTON over INPUT type=”submit” elements.

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