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Preventing line breaks using Regular Expression

cssglobe November 24, 2008 comments (2)

When developing sites I am often asked to perform tasks that from the first look seem very simple. But when I dig into it I soon find out that it’s turning out to be one of those things that make you go “hm…”

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100 CSS compatibility or degrade correctly

cssglobe November 12, 2008 comments (11)

I was talking with a front-end developer friend recently and was arguing that I would only use CSS3 rounded corners and shadows in the near future. No more pixel perfect for IE if it degrades correctly. My friend was not far from being outraged, for him, the user experience is King, and all users should have access to the same experience

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Golden Ratio in modern CSS

cssglobe November 6, 2008 comments (16)

The styling of a website is not just the looks, it is much more
than that. It is the thing that makes the visitor feel
comfortable, the thing that will make him subconsciously love it,
make him feel like home.

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Creating easy and useful CSS Sprites

cssglobe October 29, 2008 comments (18)

CSS sprites are a way to combine images to improve our page loading time, reducing the number of requests our server does. In this article I will teach you how to make them.

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Why do you like or dislike Css Globe

cssglobe October 22, 2008 comments (19)

I plan to make some changes to this site in the near future, I will update some things, some new features coming up and perhaps some features will be gone. Have your say and become a part of these changes.

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Using form labels as text field values

cssglobe September 10, 2008 comments (13)

When designing you sometimes have limited space to put and display all of the form elements. Recently that happened to me and when I was trying to squeeze in a simple newsletter form to a 120px wide area (plus a limited height). So what do we do if we want to keep things semantically correct?

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CSSG Updates

cssglobe August 31, 2008 comments (7)

I added 2 new features to this site, something that should be added a long time ago. I got my share of criticism for not having this stuff implemented earlier (or from the beginning like I should have) but in my defense let me once more point put that I coded this site myself, including all the cms I am using on it, various url handles etc. It’s far from perfect but at least I am trying 🙂

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Purist or a Freak

cssglobe August 15, 2008 comments (20)

Have you ever took on a half finished project and realized that you disagree with the way it has been handled so far? Are you bothered with the way someone else approach css coding (or coding in general) or are you able to overlook the flaws and differences, and do your task peacefully?

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CSS dos and donts Part 2 Markup

cssglobe June 24, 2008 comments (24)

If you truly get into web standards you’ll soon find out that the most important thing is – markup. A good, solid, well structured markup. Html, XTHML, tags, attributes, structure… That’s what it’s all about.

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Easiest Tooltip and Image Preview Using jQuery

cssglobe May 8, 2008 comments (170)

Recently I had a project that demanded a rollover image preview. You know, one of those tooltip-like bubble popups that appears when you roll over link or a thumbnail. Since we were already using jQuery on that project I decided to take it easy and investigate what can be done with that extraordinary library.

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