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Interview With Logo Designer Luka Pensa

cssglobe January 21, 2009 comments (18)

CSSG is starting to publish interviews with talented people. First in the series is an interview with my fellow Croatian, a brilliant logo designer Luka Pensa. As a special treat Luka has been generous enough to give away free icon set made exclusively for CSSG readers!

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WordPress Hack Bulletproof Page Menu Labels

cssglobe January 19, 2009 comments (17)

This is a short yet effective WordPress hack to create bulletproof page menu labels.

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CSSG Collections Web Forms

cssglobe January 14, 2009 comments (48)

I am happy to present a new thing on CSS Globe: CSSG Collections! Approx. once a months I will design, code and give a way a collection of certain web elements for free. First in the series of CSS(G) collections are web forms.

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jQuery plugin Easy Image or Content Slider

cssglobe January 6, 2009 comments (168)

This is my first jQuery plugin. Easy Slider (as I call this plugin) enables images or any content to slide horizontally or vertically on click.

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My Top 10 Most Used CSS Class Names

cssglobe January 3, 2009 comments (24)

Many developers are puzzled when it comes to assigning class names to elements and often end up using wrong ones. Here are my top 10 class names with explanations.

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2008 on Css Globe

cssglobe January 2, 2009 comments (0)

Although this site is several years old, 2008 was the first year that CSSG started to fulfill it’s potential.

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CSS Sprites Rounded corners

cssglobe December 29, 2008 comments (20)

There are many tutorials about rounded corners with CSS. Here’s a technique that uses CSS sprites.

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Fading color effect for inline text links using jQuery

cssglobe December 8, 2008 comments (13)

Here’s a simple UX trick that can be easily implemented into your web sites. With a few lines of jQuery it will make your text links fade to another color on rollover.

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Optimized Css Files

cssglobe December 1, 2008 comments (8)

An article recently submitted to community news section reminded me of a topic that I wanted to talk about – CSS optimization. As you know there are many online CSS optimizers that help you reduce your CSS file sizes. But to me, solid, optimized code should be human generated.

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Introducing Templatica

cssglobe November 27, 2008 comments (4)

I am happy to announce my new project called Templatica It is a place where you can get awesome CSS templates for a symbolic price and directly support Css Globe!

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