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CSSG Collection Free Comment Styles

cssglobe September 29, 2009 comments (6)

This is the second CSSG collection I have created for you here on CSS Globe. After FREE form styles here are some free blog comments styles.

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3 Easy and Fast CSS Techniques for Faux Image Cropping

cssglobe September 7, 2009 comments (7)

This article is a summary of a 3 fast and easy CSS techniques you can use to display only a portion of an image in your content. It is not cropping in a real sense of the word, we are merely hiding the "extra" and displaying only a part of the image we want.

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Simple Way to Random Display or Rotate Content Using JavaScript and CSS

cssglobe August 31, 2009 comments (20)

In a project I did recently there was a need for randomly displayed content in form of one of those “Did you know” tips. Since that was the static site I decided to go with front end solution.

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WordPress Find Pages Top Level Parent ID

cssglobe August 7, 2009 comments (6)

Here’s a short WordPress code that I wanted to share with you. I came across a little problem of displaying 2nd and 3d level of navigation in a sidebar no matter what page am I on. After googling for solution, I put together a pieces of a puzzle and came up with a short snippet.

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Easy Slider 17 Numeric Navigation jQuery Slider

cssglobe August 4, 2009 comments (99)

What I am presenting you today is an easySlider update with 2 new features:
numeric navigation (as an alternative to next/previous buttons) and continuous scroll instead of jumping to the first (or last) slide.

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How to properly speak HTM language

cssglobe June 26, 2009 comments (25)

One of the cornerstones of web standards is semantics. For those confused with this term, semantics is meaning of the word, sentence or in our case – a piece of code. Producing meaningful code brings you closer to the idea of web standards.

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Tag Clouds Styling and Adding Sort Options

cssglobe March 31, 2009 comments (22)

People have very different opinions when it comes to tag clouds. Some like them, some can’t stand to look at the mess. This article shows you how to markup, style and add very simple yet effective sort options to tag clouds.

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Easy Tooltip jQuery plugin

cssglobe March 5, 2009 comments (41)

I love the simplicity of using (and more important re-using) jQuery plugins. So I decided to release yet another plugin that came from my personal need – jQuery tooltip.

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Pure Css Line Graph

cssglobe February 11, 2009 comments (60)

I often think about ways to visualize data using pure css. A while ago I wrote an article about pure css bar graphs, now I am presenting a solution for doing line graphs using nothing but css!

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Easy Slider 15 The Easiest jQuery Plugin For Sliding Images and Content

cssglobe January 26, 2009 comments (308)

New version of my Easy Slider plugin for jQuery is here. It features auto slide, continuous sliding, multiple sliders on one page and more…

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