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jQuery step custom position selector

cssglobe November 10, 2010 comments (6)

jQuery selectors are very precise but recently I found my self in a situation where I needed even more precision in fetching the elements. This article is a coding exercise in creating a custom selector you may use as a guide to create your own selector.

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Custom styling of the SELECT elements

cssglobe September 7, 2010 comments (27)

Recently I have been asked by my client to some custom styling on form elements. Take a look at this simple solution you can use to apply any look and feel you want to a select element.

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How to create thumbnail gallery using Easy frontend framework

cssglobe March 8, 2010 comments (13)

With numerous lightbox scripts I have used so far, I often found myself spending much more time in setting up things then I wanted. On almost all of them you first need to mark up your thumbnail gallery, then paste some images, then paste some CSS, then initiate JavaScript functions…This article is all about simplifying the process!

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jQuery plugin Simplest Twitterlike dynamic character count for textareas and input fields

cssglobe January 18, 2010 comments (22)

There are numerous small improvements that you can perform to make things easier and obvious for the end user. In this article I will present a jQuery plugin built for that purpose.

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My Top 5 HTML Coding Preferences

cssglobe January 7, 2010 comments (37)

Every coder has his/her own coding style based on personal preferences. Not all of us markup the document in a same way. Some decide to choose one element while other coders prefer some other solution. In this article I will list 5 of my most usual coding preferences and explain my reasons.

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UX trick display form data as tabular data

cssglobe December 21, 2009 comments (19)

This is a little trick that you can apply to your forms to enhance user experience. We’ll display editable form data (indented to be edited, updated) as regular tabular data intended for reading.

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Class Names Revisited

cssglobe December 16, 2009 comments (11)

In this article I am going to remind us all about the class names. I’ll try to explain the true meaning of classes in HTML and take a look at their usage

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How to Display a Flash Video From Youtube in a Modal Window Using Easy Frontend Framework

cssglobe December 14, 2009 comments (9)

Although the title of the article is long this process is very simple. This article will demonstrate how simple it is to use interactive functions built into Easy front-end framework.

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Introducing Easy frontend framework

cssglobe December 7, 2009 comments (16)

I am happy that I can introduce to you my new product called Easy front-end framework. I hope this will become your new starting point for all front-end projects.

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10 short n sweet tips on how to design for web

cssglobe November 12, 2009 comments (36)

This article will quickly run you through some of the greatest issues with design for web and hopefully give you something to think about when you start your next web design.

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