posted on:November 27, 2008

Introducing Templatica

I am happy to announce my new project called Templatica It is a place where you can get awesome CSS templates for a symbolic price.


There are two ways to purchase templates: you can buy a single template or join the club and download all the templates in the gallery for entire year.

Css Globe members have an opportunity to use a coupon code and get almost %50 percent discount for Templatica membership. Instead of paying $24 you can become member for $14. Logged-in mebers can find the coupn code at the top of the right column.

Template Preview

Template Preview

Template Preview

Just as a note, running a site like Css Globe demands time, and we know that time is money. ๐Ÿ™‚ By becoming a member or purchasing a single template at Templatica you directly support CSSG!
For designers and coders out there I will soon enable template upload so you’ll be able to sell your stuff via Templatica.

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Comments (4 Comments)

  1. Henning Bokelmann
    November 28, 2008

    Well รขโ‚ฌโ€œ that sounds very intersting ...! Great idea!
  2. spawn
    November 29, 2008

    Templates are for... ? wordpress? joomla? general site? anyway, nice idea Add the possibility for member to sell their own templates(prior of this make a check for quality, and be demanding in this :D ), take a fee, and I think u'll have success :D
  3. Tom
    December 5, 2008

    Very lovely! I checked out your site on the templates and I'm impressed. The price seems fair too! Spawn who wrote: add the possibility for member to sell their own templates, is a good idea. You get a cut.
  4. rohnn
    December 22, 2008

    Alen, I was wondering, but I could not find the info and am not sure of the answer, so I ask to make sure : Do the provided templates include PSD (or likewise) file ? I think not... :'( But better ask and look like a fool than

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