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Preventing line breaks using Regular Expression

When developing sites I am often asked to perform tasks that from the first look seem very simple. But when I dig into it I soon find out that it’s turning out to be one of those things that make you go “hm…”. I actually enjoy puzzling tasks, if I have the time to play. I feel victorious when I solve the problem. *

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The problem

I once was asked to prevent line breaks in a phone number. The client wanted to use spaces instead of hyphens. Phone number was formated like so:

0800 555 5555

So when/if the phone number reached the end of the line, it wrapped to another line. Client was little annoyed with it and wanted it fixed. Ok, let’s take a look at the possible solutions.
First solution that came to mind was hardcoding non-breaking spaces. The source code would look like this:

0800 555 5555

Problem solved!
Another awesome solution is placing the number inside a container element, assign class name to the container like so:

<span class="num">0800 555 5555</span>

and edit css:


There! Another day saved, now I am off to play some racket-ball. **
I wouldn’t give it another thought If my client didn’t call me in a few days saying that he updated the code and he had the same issue with another phone number. Ok, so I need to find a way to automate things…

The Script

After doing some thinking, I decided to use regular expressions. The idea was to:

  1. extract the html from a certain object
  2. use regular expression to search for a predefined pattern
  3. wrap the part of the string that matches the pattern into span (with a certain class name)
  4. put the updated html back

This simple yet effective script does exactly that:

this.preventBreaks = function(){
	/* */
	var id = "text";
	/* edit pattern here */ 	
	var pattern = /d{4}sd{3}sd{4}/g;
	/* */ 
	var obj = document.getElementById(id);
		var html = obj.innerHTML;		
		var nhtml = html.replace(pattern,function(r){return ""+r+""})
		obj.innerHTML = nhtml;

Variable id should be the id of the container element – the element with all the text 🙂

The script should be invoked when the page loads. When not using jQuery (and that is rarely the case) I use addEvent script that I found somewhere a long time ago. Forgive me for not linking to script’s author, I really forgot where I found it.

this.addEvent = function(obj,type,fn){
		obj['e'+type+fn] = fn;
		obj[type+fn] = function(){obj['e'+type+fn](window.event );}
		obj.attachEvent('on'+type, obj[type+fn]);
	} else {

Of course, CSS will prevent line breaking with white-space property set to nowrap


Regular Expression

Constructing regular expression is the only tricky part here. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be regex ninja *** to understand this. Let’s take a look at our regular expression:


As explained here, here and here

/d matches all digit character 0-9
/d3 actually means that we have 3 digits in a row
/s matches any white space character
g global search for all occurrences of a pattern

so when we write:


we actually have:

/ 4 digits -> white space ->  3 digits -> white space -> 4 digits / apply globally 

Following the same principle you will be able to construct your own pattern. Here’s another example. The phone number is formated like this:

(555) 555 5555

The regex for this will look like:


which means:

/ open bracket -> 3 digits -> close bracket -> white space ->  3 digits -> white space -> 4 digits / apply globally 

Another example:

+1 555 555 5555

Regular expression:



/ plus -> digit -> white space -> 3 digits -> white space ->  3 digits -> white space -> 4 digits / apply globally 

Note that + and brackets () are special characters so you match those you have to put backslash in front of them.

One step further.

I soon realized that this script would be also applicable if you want to prevent line breaks for specific text phrases. For instance if you have a company called “Alen’s Awesome Pizza” and you’d hate to see that beautiful name break you can use this script. Edit regular expression to match the name like so:

/Alen's Awesome Pizza/g

and that’s it. Hope you found it useful!

* this particular task wasn’t so difficult but I enjoyed it anyway.
** just kidding about the racket-ball, I don’t play it. I smash into walls far too often!
*** please note that I am not regex ninja either. Samples you see are probably not the best ones but they work.

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  1. Abdullah
    December 15, 2008

    That's some sweet explanation! I was messing around in jQuery the other day to find particular words in the content and this helps me understand so much. You Sir, are awesome!
  2. Sameer
    January 7, 2009

    Its a really gr8...... awesome, i didn't know the regular expression before that.

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