Easy Tooltip jQuery Plugin Demo

Easy Tooltip with custom content

In this demo we are using custom content with Easy Tooltip plugin. Roll over this link to view custom content sent to the plugin.
Note: I am using the plugin twice on this page. Besides custom content I also have custom id so I can style this tooltip separately. All other a tags will keep default settings.


		tooltipId: "easyTooltip2",
		content: '<h4p>Some title</h4></p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, <strong>consectetur</strong> adipiscing elit. Mauris placerat.</p>'


	padding:5px 10px;
	border:1px solid #195fa4;
	background:#195fa4 url(bg.gif) repeat-x;

	padding:5px 10px;
	border:1px solid #5e5e5e;
	background:#5e5e5e url(bg2.gif) repeat-x;
#easyTooltip2 h4, #easyTooltip2 p{
	margin:.25em 0;

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